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fitness gladiator.

Within the walls of this arena feast your eyes upon information regarding body building, nutrition, protein, supplements, health & well being. All these elements combined, changes the individual from mere man or woman into gladiators of life not only physicially but mentally. Hard work pays off if you are to be the person you dream to be. No pain no gain. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Welcome to Fitness Gladiator.

where can I train like a gladiator?

There are many 24 hours gyms in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane popping up all over the place to compete with the standard gym and fitness centres. With so many to choose from it at times can be a headache to find a place that has the things you need for your training whether thats losing weight, gaining strength, developing muscle or sports training. When you join a gym make sure that it has the following:

  • A dedicated free weights room or a good selection of free hold weights
  • Strength machines like smith machines, squat racks, leg press etc. These are vital for building muscle and for weight loss too.
  • A wide selection of Cardio equipment such as rowing machines, treadmills and cross trainers.
  • Amenities to work around your lifestyle such as crèche, kindergarten or child minding centre.
  • Good Parking. Last thing you want is to enter a battle with someone in the car park before youve had chance to get your pump on in the gym

The gyms we recommend are:

  • Blackwood Fitness Adelaide SA. This family owned club has not only a huge selection of free weights but total 4 weights rooms including a brand new Personal Training Zone. They are one of the cheapest gyms in Australia. Visit Blackwood Fitness 24 Hour Gym Website & see for yourself.
  • Anytime Fitness Nationwide. These are a common name nowadays and with good reason as if you join one gym, you join them all! Their prices reflect this privelige however. Good equipment and are also 24 hours. Check out Anytime Fitness now.
  • Lifestyle Fitness Sydney. They have sprung out of the ground over the past few years offering extremely competitive deals which usually include all 3 of their vast gyms packed with tons of quality weights and machines by lifefitness and hammerstrength. If you live in Carlton, Erskineville or surrounding suburbs we highly recommend Lifestyle Fitness. If you live in the New South Wales region check out the lifestyle fitness website.



fitness gladiator.

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